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Stunning Web Design for Your Business
Without all the hassle and upkeep of so-called “D.I.Y.” development applications.

All Web Design/Development pkgs. include:

  • A 'Mobile-Friendly' design compatible with any of today's devices
  • Custom Domain (web address) and Unlimited Email Addresses (your.Name@Domain.com)
  • Hosting and General Maintenance*
  • Free Content Updates*
  • A 'Mobile-Friendly' design compatible with any of today's devices
  • Yearly “Tech-Inspection” to ensure your new web site stays current with today's latest and greatest technology*
  • Logo Design/Creation
  • *Free for first 6 Months, after that Monthly Subscription** fee applies **Monthly Subscription start at $9.99 and up

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    Package A:


    This package is great for anyone looking to get their ‘foot-in-the-door’, so to speak, into the world of online marketing. This is typically a 1-3 page site consisting of informative content on the subject matter as well as all the standard extras that LRC has to offer.

    Package B:

    Small Business/Restaurant

    This package is perfect for local small businesses and restaurants that want to take their sales and marketing to the next level. The price range can vary greatly depending on which features are best for you. Each site is custom tailored to fit your businesses needs.

    Some features included but not limited to are:

  • E-commerce
  • Admin Page
  • Blog/Comments

  • Package C:

    Corporate Offices/Major Chains

    This package is ideal for corporate chains and companies and includes all previously mentioned options as well as providing much wider user range and/or database capabilities. LRC is committed to providing a stunning UI/UX while not lacking in performance and speed.

  • Inventory Management Functionality
  • Employee Payroll, Timekeeping, etc…
  • Custom Password Protected Content

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